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Many potential students have questions prior to class – take a look and see if these answer any of your questions too.
How often are your classes held?
We hold an Ohio Concealed Carry Class AT LEAST once per month, and multiple times per month if demand dictates.
How long is the class?
Ohio Law requires several things for a class to be considered a “qualifier” for an Ohio Concealed License:
From the Law Book:  “Completion of a firearms safety course that was offered by or under the auspices of the National Rifle Association (NRA) containing certain minimum educational requirements (See the section of this publication titled, “Minimum Educational Requirements” for additional information about the specific areas that must be covered in training.)”
Minimums Include:
8 hours of Classroom Training
2 Hours of Live Fire Training
**Be sure that ANY Concealed Carry Class you choose fulfills these requirements.  Shortcuts in class mean you not only get less instruction than you deserve, the Sheriff can refuse to accept your certificate of completion if the class didn’t meet the requirements of both timing and training.
Do I need to bring a gun with me to class?
Part of the value of taking a class from Freedom Firearms Training is the opportunity to manipulate and fire more than one type of handgun (if you like).  We will provide a handgun for use in class to anyone who doesn’t already have one.  We generally have more than a dozen firearms available for student use.
If you already have a handgun and you want to bring it to class, we strongly encourage that.  Also bring the Owner’s Manual.  We’ll make sure you are completely familiar with the firearm, its operation, cleaning, tear down, and more.
You DO NOT need to bring a firearm to your class.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GUN – PLEASE DO NOT go out and buy one for class.  As we will discuss in class, a proper concealed carry gun is a very personal and very specific decision.  We will have multiple guns for you to try out in class, and we encourage you to fire more than one gun during the range time.  We want you to find a gun (or type of gun) that fits you, your abilities, and your needs.  The class is designed to help you make that decision.
-Can two people share a single gun for the course (my wife and I)?
You can share a gun with a family member if you like, but more likely we’ll have one of you do the demonstrations and drills with one of the class guns (or one of the inert guns if it’s a fear/comfort issue).  We want everyone to get a full experience, and that means handling firearms all day.
Do I need to bring any ammunition with me to class?
You’ll want to bring at least 100 rounds of factory ammunition with you (no reloads).  We will get through the drills and the qualification rounds on that first 100.  We also regularly stay at the range and drill more after the qualifications, and sometimes go through 150-200 rounds.  You are only required to bring 100, the extra rounds are completely your option.
I own more than one handgun. Do I need to qualify with each one in order to get my Ohio Concealed Carry License? 
Ohio law does not put a stipulation on what firearm you use for qualifications, nor does it say anything about the caliber of the firearm you choose to carry with your Concealed Carry license. There are some general guidelines, and some basic “common sense” things that we talk about in class that should factor into your choice of firearms both for qualifications as well as actual “carry”.
Caliber choice – We’ll talk about this a great deal in class, but a good rule of thumb is to carry “as much gun as you can comfortably handle.” In the right situation, a gun of any caliber is better than no gun at all; but in the wrong situation too little gun is well…too little. Of course, no gun is worthwhile if you can’t handle it; if you drop it from the recoil, or if you can’t grip it (all things we have seen firsthand). We generally suggest that you start with a smaller, low recoil caliber and then gradually move up to a larger caliber if you choose. 
--We also will NEVER hand a new shooter a .44 Magnum and expect them to be able to hit a target, or laugh as they struggle with it. We hear those horror stories every day, and that is not only unfair to the new shooters, it isn’t safe either. We focus on a safe, friendly, professional atmosphere; you will be treated with care and respect at all times. 
Class firearm choice – if you have more than one option, BRING THEM! We’ll go through 100-200 rounds of ammunition in 2 hours (or more) of drills on the range. The majority of those drills will be simulating real concealed carry situations, so we encourage you to bring multiple options so you can use them all during the drills. You might find that one works better for you as a concealed carry option. We also want you to be able to “sort out” all the intricacies of concealed carry in the safety and controlled drills on the range. It’s much better to have an “Oh &%$!!” moment on the range with us (misfire, brain freeze, gun jam, etc.) than in the real world facing an armed assailant. 
-Do we need to bring anything else (Targets, Safety Glasses, etc)?
We provide all targets, barricades, and other materials needed on the range.  We use the OPOTA Ohio Police Training Targets for all drills.  As this is a Concealed Carry course, the drills will focus on attacker target situations.  Should you want some of these targets of your own, they are available here:
Item # OPOTA-CB, CARDBOARD TARGETS,Official Ohio Training Target Range safety rules require that all participants and spectators wear eye and ear protection while at the firing range.  We will provide safety glasses and ear protection for you to use, or if you have your own, please bring them. 
Where is the range time held?
Range time is held at a private Law Enforcement range, and we will be there as guests of the Law Enforcement entity.  Unlike having a class at a gun club, we will have the range solely to ourselves, and our drills will encompass much, much, more than just poking holes in a piece of paper.
What do you all do, or are there provisions for out of state CCW in Ohio?
Your Ohio Concealed Carry License is valid in Ohio and Ohio also has reciprocity with many other states, and those states and your responsibilities in those states are all covered in Module 2.  You may also refer to the Ohio Attorney General website for the most up to date information. 
I am taking the class with the intent to follow up and get my CCW license, however, I was thinking about having my wife take the class purely from a learning standpoint (I have been around guns all my life and am more or less taking the class for licensure/learning new things maybe).  Do you think it would be worth her while assuming she isn't going to follow up and get her license or would you recommend a more basic class for her?
We think that is a great idea, and we also provide for those cases in our training. 
From the “Free Safety Training” link on the website.
We also offer a "nearly free" Safety Seminar to anyone wishing to learn about firearms but not wishing to obtain an Ohio Concealed Carry license. ("Nearly free" - we ask you to help cover the cost of materials only, usually $25 to $35).