Success Stories

In class, we discuss many aspects of personal protection. One topic we hit hard is the concept of self-defense in the home, as well as Castle Doctrine. It is very gratifying to know that not only do these tactics work in the real world, but that they are being practiced daily in the homes of our “family members.”


This success story comes with the permission of the person described, although she doesn’t want her name mentioned for obvious reasons. Concealed carry means CONCEALED until needed, and publishing her name would make her less safe

We have a student who has gone through our classes, is a licensed CCW holder in Ohio, and who carries regularly both at leisure and at work, all legally and with proper cover. I have seen her out with her firearm, and she does it right. She is a threat to no one.

Driving to work, she stopped at a stop light in one of Ohio’s larger cities at about 8:15 AM. She observed traffic on the street and pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. She was the first car in line at the light. 

A gentleman (the only way I will refer to him here to stay politically correct) came up to her window and started yelling through it for her to give him some money. She ignored him and continued to sit at the light. His yelling turned to pounding on the car, demanding she give him money. She shook her head no. The pounding escalated to striking the window in a manner consistent with attempting to break it, yelling at her to get out of the car. 

She calmly reached beside her, drew her legal and legally carried handgun, and shook her head no again. It was at this point that the gentleman decided he didn’t really want her money or car, but a quick job might be in order, so he ran off. No other drivers or pedestrians saw the firearm, and she did not fire it. Simply possessing it DID however save her from potential harm, and certainly saved her from having a shattered window and possible injuries. 

No police report was issued (what can she prove?), but she did tell the PD about it by phone. You can have your political correctness, as for me and mine, we’ll choose to defend ourselves; legally and responsibly.

Get trained!


This is a somewhat cryptic and vague – because the “Family Member” mentioned has not yet informed the rest of her family of the incident. Details are omitted for obvious reasons.

Just got a message from one of our “family members” who moved to “a big city” by herself to take her first job after college. She’s been there 10 days. Someone tried climbing through the window of her apartment tonight. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for him, she’s already been through our classes, is very familiar and proficient with her firearm, and had already worked out her safety action plan for the new apartment.

As she tells me, as soon as the window alarm went off, she rolled over, grabbed her gun and positioned herself properly in her safe room, dialed 911, and was still in a safe position and condition when the police arrived. She tells me she was even commended by the police department for having both a safety action plan and a gun.

She sent Freedom Firearms Training a note to thank us for the thorough training. She said she was calm and collected throughout the incident, didn’t hesitate or wonder what to do as the window opened, and was confident she could protect herself if they intended to come through the window.

Bottom line: bad guy gets to change his shorts, she knows her plan works, and more importantly as a young, single woman fresh out of college with a new job, she has the self-confidence to know she can take care of herself.

Her message to us: “Thanks for teaching me so much about self-defense. Definitely helped when one of my alarms on my apartment went off tonight. Could have saved my life.”

All we did was teach her the concepts and provide her with the tools – SHE is the one who put it all together and made it work. This is why we do what we do.


Another success story! Our family members are the best, and they prove it every day. This message comes from a “family member” who realized that she learned more than she thought in her basic class. Awesome, and thanks for sharing (and being safe!)

Some names have been changed to protect the stupid and unsafe. We won’t disparage anyone, so please be sure to be aware of stupidity when you see it, and stay AFE! (in class, you will hear the phrase “Your BS Meter…” and we’ll help you fine tune yours.)

“I took your class more than 2 years ago, but I have yet to buy a firearm. I went to the shooting range and was SHOCKED at the safety violations! After watching a 10 minute video and signing some papers, there was no discussion or conversation about the shooting range, or gun safety precautions or anything. He briefly explained each gun and I picked one, paid, and went into the range…while he stayed outside talking with people he knew! I have never been to an indoor range, nor have I ever fired this type of gun before. I decided to swtich guns, and again he didn’t come into the range with me to explain anything, and on my SECOND ROUND with the new semi-automatic .380 it didn’t close correctly and then it didn’t fire. I was unsure what to do since I had never shot that gun before…and the guy at the store was not around. Again – it’s been over 2 years since I took the class, but the gun safety and precautions you guys taught me have stuck with me. Thank you so much for the wonderful training!!”